Create learning experiences through emerging technologies

Full-time program in edtech. 40 weeks. Explore digital technology to personalize learning and democratize education.

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Digitalization is changing the requirements for education and lifelong learning. It also has the potential to personalize learning and democratize education. This program is for people who want to digitalize or create solutions for education in schools and companies.

Education technology (Edtech) creates solutions for today’s challenges: integration of refugees, lack of teachers, declining student results and the increasing amount of administrative work for teachers. Edtech, together with skilled teachers and students, is a combination that generates new possibilities for lifelong learning, in schools, companies and other organizations.

The edtech sector is growing fast and you will have many opportunities after the program. The global edtech business is growing 20% per year and is estimated to reach €230 Billion by 2020. You will have the competence and skills to build your own or join an already existing edtech startup. Join the movement!

Skills learned

During the training, you will develop both soft and hard skills in the edtech area. You will learn about edtech, test it and develop new solutions for it.

The program is based on experiential learning and you will work in teams with real clients to develop your own solutions together. You will also have the opportunity to work on your own edtech solution and run it as a business. Learning by doing!

You will explore:

  • Programming and development
  • Tech and digital transformation
  • Change management
  • Ideation and concept development
  • Managing projects and teams
  • Branding and communication
  • Strategy, business, and entrepreneurship
  • Behavioural psychology

For more details about learning outcomes and classes, please download the full curriculum.


Program dates: 15th of January - 19th of December 2018 (40 weeks). Submission of applications is open now.


Karlshamn-Sweden, Szczecin-Poland, Plunge-Lithuania, and Rostock-Germany.



Program Fee

Free of charge with subsistence, insurance and accommodation costs covered outside your own country

Student profile

We are creating a diverse class and will admit students from a range of backgrounds. If you have an interest in for example game developing, teaching, learning psychology, programming or entrepreneurship, this will be perfect for you.

We will admit 20 people, five from each partnering country, forming a vibrant international class of tomorrow’s edtech professionals.


  • English language proficiency (will be assessed during the interview).
  • Curiosity and knowledge-seeking.
  • High School Diploma or similar – or foreign equivalent.

You start the 15th of January 2018 at NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden.


The program lasts for 40 weeks and you will spend 10 weeks in each of the four countries.

SWEDEN: NetPort Science Park.
POLAND: University of Szczecin/ Academy of Arts Szczecin.
LITHUANIA: Plunge Technology and Business School.
GERMANY: University of Rostock.

See the schedule for information about breaks and holiday dates.

Submission of applications is open now.



The program team offers a high quality of international trainers that will provide you with excellent tools for growing both on a personal level and in developing edtech solutions. As the program is based on experiential learning, you can expect them to be experts in their field with a coaching approach rather than traditional teachers. Meet some of them here.

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What about afterwards

After the program you will have the competence and skills to build your own edtech startup or join an existing one. You can also introduce edtech solutions in a classroom setting, work as an edtech consultant in municipalities or other companies focusing on education.

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Application process

  1. Submit online application. Submission of applications is open now.
  2. Get interviewed.
  3. Receive invitation letter.
  4. Once you have been accepted, a funding agreement should be signed with your country’s contact point.
  5. Start your journey!

Photo credits: Brad and Lexie Flickinger