Edtech Southeast Sweden, Karlshamn, Sweden. Edtech Area

Edtech Southeast Sweden

The innovation system where users, companies and academia co-create new edtech-solutions.

Innovation and Growth.
Edtech Southeast Sweden facilitates successful digitalization and learning by being a strong regional innovation ecosystem for edtech (Educational Technology). An environment where opportunities grow into scalable edtech-solutions. Our focus is in four different areas:

● Innovation and incubation environment simplifying identification of needs, development and the testing of new solutions all the way to the delivery of commercial solutions. Triple-Helix co-operation between schools, companies and academia is vital for successful results.
● Acceleration support for established edtech-companies in growth and expansion.
● International partnerships for competence exchange and increased export.
● Making it easier for edtech companies to enter the market and establish in Sweden.

Lifelong learning.
Digital literacy is fundamental in order to live and be an active citizen in a democratic society.
Edtech, used in a conscious and structured way, utilize the power of digitalization in learning for increased efficiency and better learning results.
We are also sure that edtech is a key component in solutions for challenges that many educational systems face; integration of refugees, lack of teachers, declining student results and the increasing amount of administrative work for teachers.
Edtech together with skilled teachers and students is a combination that generates new possibilities for lifelong learning.

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