Rolandas Dockevicius

Assistant Teacher of Mechatronics

Why do you believe in cross-border collaboration?

Every day we face with new discoveries and ideas to be implemented and have to act fast to progress. Collaboration and communication with like-minded people  facilitate finding out and converting the ideas to tangible results.

Would like to share own passion in designing with 3D software models of how it will look and work in real life, doing various 3D and FEA simulations, perfectly familiar about the vehicle like TESLA Model S.

Your personal driving force?
To help fix problems inherited by my generation from the previous one, so that when it is my turn to hand things over to the next generation – I could feel calmer, knowing my children and grandchildren will have a bright, healthy, happy life full of love surrounding them. My drive is to help fix the problems with a fun, creatively and scientifically in the most optimal way.

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