Robert Mleczko


In 1992-1997 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (today the University of Arts), graduated with the diploma Wyludniacz (animation, 1997) in the studio of prof. Kazimierz Urbanski, based on the story of Samuel Beckett. He has co-authored more than 10 plays as a performer and co-author of the Poznań Theater. His performance in Laughter (1996), which was presented in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. In 1995 he began his studies at the Department of Television and Production at the PWSFTviT. He made several student and operator etudes. He has worked in Poland with such artists as Hubert Czerepok, Joanna Rajkowska, Karolina Breguła and Artur Żmijewski, and abroad with The Wooster Group in New York.

Why do you believe in cross-border collaboration?
The future will come sooner than we think. Actually, we live in the future already.
I would rather try to be prepared for the changes that future technology will bring not only on a cyber-technical but also on a cyber-human level.
Although technology has more and more inventions to bring and will change our everyday reality, we need to stay awake and communicate as persons, to know our neighbours better, and collaborate.
I believe that crossing beyond our own egos and staying aware of people’s gentle states of imagination can bring us a brighter future.

Your personal driving force?
As a cinematographer – my driving force is to explore the endless ways we perceive our visible and invisible worlds.
As a human – my driving force is gravity.

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