Niclas Melin

Digital cultivator and head of EdTech

Facilitating successful digitalization of education and learning as cluster leader for Edtech Southeast Sweden. An innovation ecosystem for co-creation of new edtech solutions, through collaboration between users, companies and academia.
Niclas is a digital cultivator, passionate about information and communication technology. Creating meetings between people that identifies new opportunities and shapes mutually beneficial cooperation. He has over 20 years of experience from marketing, project management and business development of complex ICT solutions on the global market.

Why do you believe in cross-border collaboration?
The edtech market is a global market. National markets are too small for companies to be successful. Cross-border co-operation is key in order to develop solutions for international markets. Access to people with cross-border working experience is fundamental for companies to succeed.

Your personal driving force?
For me, working with edtech is working for a better world and a better future. Access to education is fundamental in the UN sustainability goals. It feels good to work with edtech that can help our children to better shape their lives and create a better world.

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