Magdalena Lawicka

Business Consultant, academic teacher and researcher.

Business Incubation Specialist, Business Consultant, Academic Teacher and Researcher – business consulting experience in the area of development strategies for business growth.
Teaching experience in Human Resource Management and Strategic Management at the University of Szczecin.
Experienced in conducting market research in many international projects on vocational education and training (VET) and creating & implementing business strategies in the business incubation program.
Responsible for developing a program of business incubation services to be offered to the supported IT start-up companies within the Incubation Program at the regional level.

Why do you believe in cross-border collaboration?
Cross-border collaboration is important for the development of countries. For me, it is about taking new actions and facing problems, resulting in discovering new solutions.

Your personal driving force?
● Being adventurous and curious to take new actions (recently, I’ve started doing boxing).
● Starting new projects & having the opportunity for development – doing the task and looking at it through the prism of development opportunities.
● Being independent – carrying out my own projects and pursuing my own goals.

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