Magdalena Chojnowska


Graduated from Academy of Arts in graphic design, but for professional Animator/Illustrator focused more on illustrative and animated solutions, suited more for entertainment and gaming industry.

Currently working as an animator and illustrator in a mobile game development studio in Szczecin. Responsible for character and enviroment design, and also for 2D character and UI animation.

Previously involved with coding school for kids (Digital Academy), where she was teaching kids using software for 3D modeling and then preparing objects for 3D printing.

Always looking for new ideas while solving visual problems and trying to synthesize experience from wide range of interests.

Why do I believe in cross-border collaboration?

As I mentioned above, I think wider experience means more creative solutions, and what could bring more variety than different cultures and backgrounds? It’s tremendously important to learn from each other and use the knowledge of others. That’s how we evolve.

Your personal driving force?

My personal driving force is curiosity. Very often I catch interest in completely different things, just because they are new to me (or I think they look cool) and then I desire to learn those things. I’m never afraid of starting to learn anything and stepping out of comfort zone, because I’ve been beginner so many times, that I’m really good at it by now.

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