Jenny Bergman

Edtech Program Manager Sweden

Anthropologist with a love for participatory methods and sustainability.

Project leader and concept developer of “Idéinstitutet” – an entrepreneurship program in Sweden. Co-founder of the facilitation company MaydayMonday. Creator of an entrepreneurship podcast and a board member of Coompanion.

Jenny’s passion is to work for a sustainable world, in which ideas and solutions are valued above hierarchy, power and prestige. With a bachelor’s in Anthropology, a Masters in “Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability” and a vocational education in “Facilitation and Learning Design” from Hyper Island, she has a deep knowledge of group development and leadership.

Why do you believe in cross-border collaboration?
I have travelled by bicycle through the baltic region and have experienced the richness that each country can contribute with. Sharing knowledge and experiences will help us reach sustainability. Borders are only mental and we ought to go beyond them.

Your personal driving force?
Curiosity for the unknown.

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