Mechatronics or Edtech

Full time programs. 40 weeks. Build complex mechatronic systems for the future or create learning experiences through emerging technologies. Click on the program you are interested in to apply or to read the curriculum. 

For companies

South Baltic is an interregional labour market for international business cooperation with access to a new skilled and qualified labour force. The BBVET International Training Year is 10 months international program. This offers you, as a host company, the opportunity to share experiences with young motivated people from five countries in the EdTech and Mechatronic sectors, involving 40 students and 5 countries; Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The trainee you host, gets a grant, and there is no charge to your company. The BBVET project acts as a kind of occupational mobility agency and supports the stay abroad in all three phases: preparation, implementation, and follow-up - not exclusively organizationally, but also financially.

Benefits for the company

● The positive development of the company culture, due to the intercultural experience gained by the European trainees. ● Promotion of junior management. ● Economic use of foreign contacts established by the BBVET network. ● The development of further bilateral cooperation agreements through the BBVET network to ensure sustainability. ● Contact persons in the regions also for future mobility projects.

Below you find companies and partner schools in the BBVET program.

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