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Based on successfully implemented model projects for interregional VET in the Baltic Sea Region, i.e. SBTP, the BBVET project strives for development and piloting internationally recognised and ECVET certificated educational programmes within the sectors "Green Media" and "Blue Mechatronics". This offer intends to increase the mobility of South Baltic trades, primarily focusing VET apprentices as participants of the project, to promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting within the framework of international networks and to develop a "global occupational competence".

Science Park
(Lead Partner)

The Science Park is a Triple Helix organisation aiming to increase cooperation among the private, public and academic sectors in order to facilitate sustainable economic growth in the Blekinge region and is a meeting place for people, ideas, creativity and knowledge. Netport was Lead Partner within the SBTP.


The Centre for Vocational Education Lolland Falster is a large, broad-spectrum educational institution offering upper secondary tertiary and continuing education and training programmes. CELF has departments in three towns on Lolland-Falster and has a large number facilities at its disposal.

of Rostock

The Chair of Business, Economics and entrepreneurship Education is teaching, researching and scientifically consulting in various topics of vocational education and training. With focus on the Baltic Sea Region the chair works in internationalisation of VET regarding networking and cooperating respectively regional development.

of Szczecin

The Faculty of Management and Economics of Services at the University of Szczecin is comprised of 18 chairs and 3 departments. It actively participated in the SBTP project and created a reliable network of stakeholders and VET schools in the region, motivated students and employers to take active part in the internationalisation process.

Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Center

The Center was founded by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Council of Rietavas Municipality in 2002. It is a reliable partner for entrepreneurs working in Rietavas providing high-quality consultation, training and technical assistance. Clients are mainly SMEs.

Plunge Technology and Business School

This education provider offers initial and continuing vocational education and training. In 2016, the school opened a department in Rietavas, formally Zemaitija College. It is well known as an institution with long traditions and an experienced teaching staff that trains highly qualified specialists and practitioners.

Education test bed

Development, pilot testing and evaluation of modularised interregional VET programmes in the South Baltic Region, focusing on initial VET and continuing VET structures in "Green Media" and "Blue Mechatronics" validation procedures and instruments on the basis of ECVET-criteria interregional training modules to achieve an international qualification and professionalisation of VET educators. Development of internationalisation strategies and structures for VET institutions. Development and establishment of institutional expertise and network structures to strengthen, support and organise occupational mobility processes for target groups involved in VET.





Partner Schools & Countries involved



Launched in 2012, the South Baltic Training Programme (SBTP) supported inter-nationalisation of vocational education and training (VET) as well as cross-border entrepreneurship. This includes interregional collaboration between policy, economy, science, education and civil society. The project also aimed to educate the youth labour force in the South Baltic Region in international corporate culture and worked for this group’s mobility between countries. SBTP was completed in 2014. Project BBVET is training project and will bring together international trainers.


Mobility centres

The Interreg South Baltic Programme aims at unlocking the region’s potential for growth through cross-border cooperation between local and regional actors from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Building on the maritime character of the region, the programme designates “blue growth” as economic potential , growth and jobs across the shores of the South Baltic. At the same time, “green growth” emphasizes the need to pursue economic growth in balance with the environment, in particular by utilising the South Baltic’s rich natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable manner.

Mobility Centre 1

mobility centre

Mobility Centre 2

mobility centre

Mobility Centre 3

mobility centre

Business partners

Development and establishment of institutional expertise and network structures to strengthen, support and organise occupational mobility processes for target groups involved in VET. Development and establishment of economic cooperation in the various fields of VET. Support and consulting in regard to education matters affecting systemic and political developments in the field of internationalised VET in the Baltic Sea Region.

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business partner
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business partner

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NetPort Science Park (Lead Partner)

address: Biblioteksgatan 4
phone: +46 454 57 21 20
contact person: Marie Björck
mobile: +46 708 63 07 07


address: Kringelborg Allé 7, 4800 Nykobing F.
phone: +45 5488 8888
website: www.celf.dk
contact person: Claus Brandt Kristensen
e-mail: clkr@celf.dk
mobile: +45 6122 1630

University of Rostock

address: Ulmenstraße 69 - Building 1, 18057 Rostock
phone: +49 (0)381 498 -4557 or -4556
contact person: Martin French and Franka Marie Becker

University of Szczecin

address: Cukrowa 8 Street, 71-004 Szczecin
phone: +48 91 44-43-363
website: www.wzieu.pl
contact person: dr Monika Tomczyk, dr Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz

Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Center

address: Parko 5
phone: +370 699 17716
contact person: Laima Dockeviciene
mobile: +370 699 17716

Plunge Technology and Business School

address: Mendeno g.7, Plunge
phone: +370 448 71632
contact person: Daiva Jackuniene
mobile: +37060957569
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